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Jack deflects bullets using "Time Shield".

Time Powers are a major gameplay element in Quantum Break. Used by the characters Jack Joyce and Paul Serene, players have the ability to control or manipulate instances of fractured time, which plays a major role in the combat of Quantum Break.


The ability to manipulate time is gained through exposure to above-average (and often dangerous) levels of Chronon energy. The resulting exposure creates what Monarch Solutions' Chronon department refers to as a "Chronon active" individual.[1]

Chronon active individuals can manipulate the Chronon energy around them, depleting it from any given area and can use it to create shields, or "warp" across long distances in the blink of an eye. Chronon active users can create offensive projectiles that disrupt time, where it would otherwise flow normally.[1]

Said projectile disrupts the local molecules by creating desynchronization, like a stutter, on a small scale. As time progresses, Chronon active individuals gain control over their powers, increasing the strength of existing abilities or adding new abilities to their repertoire.[1]


Both Jack Joyce and Paul Serene were exposed to high levels of Chronon energy during the malfunction of the University Time Machine in the Project Promenade lab.[2] Both experienced the manifestation of their Chronon abilities under duress. When Paul was forced to travel through the machine, he witnessed the End of Time and likely saw the initial manifestation of his Chronon abilities during his escape from Shifters, Chronon distorted lifeforms.[3]

When Paul traveled back to February 1999, he used his ability to move faster than the average human to escape an assassination attempt on his life by Beth Wilder.[4] When Jack's brother, William Joyce was fired upon by a Monarch Security guard, Jack was able to stop time around his brother long enough to save him from certain death.[5]

The next incident saw him sensing things before they happened, freeze objects in pockets of time, and create defenses against projectiles[6], until he developed superhuman speed that allowed him to move through time quicker than normal humans[7]. Almost immediately, Jack began to develop abilities one after the other, all of it on instinct, charged by emotions.[5][8]


Time Powers are the core gamelay mechanic of Quantum Break. Players can are encouraged by the nature of the Time Powers to rely on or create unique methods to defeat enemies in the game in combination with gunplay. Jack and Paul can stop time temporarily, allowing him to escape from attacks or freeze enemies, unleash a "Time Blast", which breaks time in a focused area with destructive results[9], and reverse the direction of bullets.[10]

"Time Vision" allows the user to sense the locations of enemies, weapons, and items from a distance. Also shows locations where time can be briefly reversed; "Time Stop" temporarily freezes time in a focused area, including opponents and objects. Allows gunshots to be stacked to increase explosive damage.

The fluxing state of time itself allows Jack to interact with the environments, creating environmental effects that would harm hostile characters.[11] Abilities, such as "Time Rush", allows running outside of time, escaping mortal danger and moving to strategical positions.[12] Alternatively, Jack can speed up the time as well and swap between covers to diversify attention from unaware enemies.[13]

Additionally Joyce can protect himself from attacks using "Time Shield", a protective bubble of frozen time that can deflect bullets., perform "Time Dodge", a quick dash that allows him to dash out of harm’s way, similar to Time Rush.[14][15] or simply hiding behind cover.[16] Time Powers can be upgraded a limited number of two to three times, which focus on upgrading and prolonging the use of the time abilities or strengthening the attacks Jack has at his disposal.

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