Swoon Text Message
Intelprops phone
SubjectPaul Serene's speech at the gala
DateOctober 9th, 2016
ActAct 3: The Wine and Cheese Crowd
PartAct 3, Part 2: Monarch Gala
LocationMonarch gala, as you enter the gala entrance approach car with open door
PreviousMust Move Forward (Business)

Swoon Text Message is a document Narrative Object found in the Act 3, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The document is a text message regarding Paul Serene's speech at the Monarch gala. This document is a variant and only appears if the "Business" option was chosen in the second junction.


Serene just finished the speech. I CAN’T TAKE IT HE’S TOO MUCH!!!! I swear I could eat that guy up with a spoon. :P

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