Striker (Gamescom 2015)
Enemy information
Affiliation Monarch Solutions
Type(s) High-Ranked Troops
Strengths Move through Stutters
Manipulate Joyce-Meyer Field
Weakness Exposed Chronon Harness
Weapons Used Tactical SMG
Equipment Chronon Harness
Game information
First Appearance Act 2, Part 2: Ground Zero
Last Appearance Act 5, Part 3: Final Moments

Strikers[1] are common enemy type encountered in Quantum Break.


Main article: Monarch Security

Strikers are moderate-level Monarch Solutions operatives who are equipped with a Chronon Harness. Striker suits allow individuals who have not been exposed to Chronon radiation to move through Stutters, as well as manipulate the Joyce-Meyer field around them. Strikers can move in quick bursts within zero state in and out of combat.[1]

During stutters, they can be killed or rendered passive by damage to their harness. Their bodies fall into the same state of suspended animation as others unaffected by Chronon radiation. Strikers were one of the first combative measures developed by Monarch's research division for the breakdown and eventual End of Time.[1]


Strikers are fast and tricky enemies to track down. They will attempt to flank the player with their incredible speed, flushing them out of momentary cover with bursts of fire from their Tactical SMGs.[1] They are relatively accurate with this weapon and fire quickly and with prejudice. On top of this, the Chronon Harness equipped on their backs allow them to move through Stutters as quickly as Jack Joyce. However, Strikers aren't without their weaknesses. Their lack of body armor leaves them as vulnerable as any standard Monarch Security troop.

Unlike the Juggernaut, hitting the weakness in the Striker's defenses --- the exposed harness --- is as simple as timing the moment wherein the player can get behind them and shoot them. Depending on the type of attack, destroying the harness will either freeze the Striker enemies or kill them.[1]