Sean Durrie
Sean Durrie
Biographical information
Origin Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Occupation(s) Actor[1]
Quantum Break
Character Jack Joyce (formerly)[1]
Nick Marsters[1]
Appears In Quantum Break

Sean Durrie is a film and television actor. He provides the motion caption and voice performance of Nick Marsters in Quantum Break.[1]


Durrie attended University of Tulsa on a scholarship for theater for a year, and later transferred to the American Theater of Dramatic Arcs in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Notable theater work included while at the university included "Stonewall Courtney".[2]

Afterward, he was invited to join the South Coast Repertory Professional Conservatory. During that time starred in productions of "A Christmas Carole" and "Cyrano De Bergerac". Durrie's career as an actor began in 2006 with the short film M.O.G. In 2009 he starred in the comedy series Easy to Assemble as John. Durrie is a partner, producer and writer for the company "Good Life Pictures", and has co-written four screenplays.[2]

Durrie is one of two actors that worked as a stand in for the Shawn Ashmore character Jack Joyce in Quantum Break.[1] His performance and likeness was used in the E3 2013 trailer and the 2014 Gamescom demo presentation.

After his portrayal of Nick Marsters, Durrie returned to Remedy Entertainment to provide the voice and motion performance of the character Dylan Faden in Remedy's 2019 video game Control.


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