Sam Lake
Sam Lake
Biographical information
Name Sami Järvi[1]
Born July 18, 1970[2][1]
Occupation(s) Writer, Actor
Quantum Break

Sam Lake is a Finnish writer and creative director of Remedy Entertainment.


Sam Lake was born in 1970 as Sami Järvi. Prior to joining Remedy Entertainment, Lake studied screenwriting at the Theater Academy of Finland.[3]

Max Payne series

Lake is perhaps best known for providing the "the face" of Max Payne in the first the first Max Payne, which was largely developed without actors and on a linted budget. Lake not only wrote and starred Max Payne (along with several other developers of Remedy), was involved in its level design as well.

When Remedy began working on Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, the budget was such that Lake could dedicate his time to working on the script only. The script he developed for the sequel was four times longer than the traditional film script. He also wrote the poem that would become the song "Late Goodbye" performed by Poets of the Fall.

Despite his being replaced by actor Timothy Gibbs, Lake still appears in the smaller live-action segments of the game part of the Max Payne meta, like TV shows and billboards, such as John Mirra in the television show Address Unknown. Lake also worked as a writing consultant on the Max Payne film that was released in 2008.[2]

Later Works

Lake was the lead writer in the development of the 2010 game Alan Wake, a launch title for the Xbox 360. The game was touted as a physiological thriller that borrowed elements from television series like Twin Peaks in both its setting and meta. Sam Lake makes a brief appearance in the game as himself during a spoof of a late night talk show.

Lake would go on to write and direct the 2012 DLC game, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and recently the 2016 Xbox One title, Quantum Break. Quantum Break contains multiple references to both Alan Wake and Max Payne, with Sam Lake making a brief appearance in one of the game's references to Alan Wake.


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