Riverport Library
Riverport Library-14
Prime LocationRiverport University campus
EstablishmentUnknown (est. to be over a hundred years old)

"How would you feel if you knew a corporate monopoly was taking a massive dump all over your personal history?"
—Amy Ferrero about Monarch Solutions[1]

The Riverport Library (named Edward Norton Lorenz Memorial Library) was a historical landmark of Riverport, Massachusetts. A part of the Riverport University campus, the building was slated for demolition in October 2016 and later destroyed to cover up the University Operation carried by Monarch Solutions.[2]


The Riverport library was purported one of the oldest buildings in the city of Riverport prior to its planned destruction in 2016[3], standing for over a hundred years.[1]

Because of its historical significance, the students attending the university organized a protest[4] to prevent the demolition when the corporation, Monarch Solutions, announced that the library would be destroyed and replaced with research facilities funded by the company.

Events of Quantum Break

October 8th, 2016

October 8th, 2016[5] University student Amy Ferrero organized an evening sit-in protest in the hopes of gathering support and media attention.[6]

October 9th, 2016 (Present)

When Jack Joyce arrived at the university campus, the protest had been crashed by a fraternity that presumably brought alcoholic beverages to the event. The instance created enough of a disturbance on the campus that Amy and the other protesters were forced to shutdown their protests and clear out.[1] While Jack wished them luck, he believed the protest was a lost cause.

Following the creation of the Fracture by the University time machine, the scheduled demolition of the library was accelerated by the presence of Monarch Security, who planned to use the destruction of the building as a cover for their operation to steal the time machine's core from the Meyer Physics Research Center.[1][2]

Jack, who'd been separated from his brother, William Joyce after he was taken hostage by Monarch Guards, pursued them to the library as Commander Clarice Ogawa announced the destruction of the library would occur in five minutes upon his arrival.

While he was able to momentarily free his brother from Monarch Security, Jack was later rendered unconscious by an aged Paul Serene, who he'd last seen in the University time machine.[2] When Jack regained consciousness, Paul ordered the security officers to trigger the explosives set on the building. As the building was destroyed by the explosion, Jack believed his brother was killed by falling debris.[2]

Following the destruction of the library, Paul may order Monarch Security to follow the "Hardline Protocol"; Monarch Security blocks all access to the library grounds from the public, and refuse to answer questions regarding the nature of its destruction by outside media outlets.[7] They instead claim the destruction was the result of a premature demolition.[8]

In another scenario, Paul instead chooses to launch a "PR campaign". He uses the media to the corporation's advantage, and creates a narrative wherein Jack is framed as a terrorist that encouraged violent behavior in the protesters and destroyed the library, killing heroic Monarch Security officers that tried to save the students in the process.[9]

October 9th, 2016 (Past)

When Jack returned to the past of October 9th, 2016 with the Countermeasure, he believed he was able to change the past when he rescued his brother from the falling debris of the library he thought killed him.[10] William and Jack were able to escape the building just as it exploded and collapsed on itself. William later explained that he had never died and Jack always saved him from certain death because it already happened.[10]