Richard Lapington
Richard Lapington
Biographical information
Origin Helsinki Area, Finland[1]
Occupation(s) Audio Lead[1]
Quantum Break
Production Role Audio Lead[1]
Worked on Quantum Break[1]

Richard Lapington is a video game developer employed by Remedy Entertainment. He was the Lead Audio Designer for Quantum Break.[2]


Lapington was born and educated in the United Kingdom, but has been lived in Finland on and off for the last eighteen years. He received general education at the Leeds College of Music from 1995 to 1998. His primary instrument was a guitar. He later studied at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam from 2003, receiving a diploma in Audio Engineering.[3][1]

With a degree in Jazz Music, Diploma in Audio engineering and Masters in New Media, Lapington entered the gaming industry twelve years ago, and has worked as an Audio Lead at Remedy Entertainment for the last five years. During his time at Remedy, he has specialized in AAA audio production.[3][1] In addition to his work on Quantum Break, Lapington's credits include Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Death Rally, and Wheelbound.[2]


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