Quantum Break: Zero State
Quantum Break Zero State Cover
Date Released
April 5, 2016[1]
448 pages (est.)
In Print
Price Listing
$9.99 (Kindle)
$14.99 (Hardcover)
$10.15 (PaperbackUSA
CDN$10.99 (Kindle)
CDN$ 32.59 (Hardback)
CDN$ 20.78 (Paperback) Canada
£4.99 (Kindle)
£15.54 (Hardcover)
£7.99 (Paperback) UK-flag

Quantum Break: Zero State is the official novelization of Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break. Written by Cam Rogers, the novel was released April 5, 2016[1], alongside the game and television series, in paperback and hardcover formats and on Amazon Kindle.[2][1] According to Sam Lake, Zero State is an alternate telling of the Quantum Break story and is not considered canon with the game.[note 1]

Official Description

"Jack Joyce spent six years trying to escape—escape his life, escape time, escape the madness of his brother, Will. But when he finally returns home, it turns out his brother isn’t quite so mad. Will has created a time machine, one with the potential to save humanity. War? Preventable. Natural disasters? Stoppable. Except for one tiny problem… his machine will also cause the end of the time as we know it. Now Jack has just one chance to turn back time, to fix what was broken, to save the world. Cam Rogers’ Quantum Break: Zero State—available April 5th from Tor Books—is the official tie-in to Quantum Break, the brand new blockbuster video game from Remedy Entertainment about a time travel experiment gone wrong."





Cam Rogers was brought onto the four-year development of Quantum Break by writers Mikko Rautalahti and Tyler Burton Smith. He was involved in the writing process regarding the characters and world building for the game. While early still in the game's development, Rogers was approached by Sam Lake about writing the novelization of the game.[3]

According to Rogers, because he was so closely involved in the game's development, writing an alternate version of the story was simple, and the lack of budget made translating elements of the story that would be omitted from the game (such as character development or subplots) easier.[3]

The intention with the novel was to create a "different path" and different choices with the same overarching story. Rogers states that the novel hinged heavily on the pasts of Jack Joyce and Paul Serene and the written format of the novel allowed him to delve deeper with characters such as Martin Hatch and Beth Wilder.[3]


  1. Defer to the Forward of the novel at the beginning


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