Otto Kivling
Otto Kivling
Biographical information
Origin Helsinki Area, Finland
Occupation(s) Software programmer
Quantum Break
Production Role Lead Tools Programmer[1]
Worked on Quantum Break[1]

Otto Kivling is a video game developer employed by Remedy Entertainment. He was the Lead Tools Programmer for Quantum Break.


Otto Kivling's early career began working as a test engineer at Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. According to Kivling, he worked in the technical and testing department, writing programs for drivers for barcodes, and internal tools for automating test mobile phones.[1]

In 2000 Kivling became a low level consultant and technical programmer for Ecoforce AB. He worked in close contact with the customers and developed embedded realtime systems for measuring vibrations, test applications for digital televisions under Windows and construction of a database. He maintained the position until December of 2002.[1]

January 2003 Kivling was hired by Little house in the woods and given a position as a low level programming consultant. According to Kivling he worked closely with customers and helped developed "embedded realtime systems" for both the aviation and car industry, to Windows applications that helped in production tests with regard to electronic manufacturing.[1]

In February 2005 he joined Cellar Door Games Ekf. During his time there, he helped develop an 3D online casino, Vegas 007. He worked primarily on company's game client, design, the company's in-house engine, network protocols and security. Kivling built internal test tools for Vegas 007 online server and internal tools for the 3D engine, applying his work to 3D scenes and character models. Kivling also designed and developed an entire system for live updates of the Vegas 007 game client. Kivling worked with Cellar Doors Games until September 2005.[1]

Following his departure from Little house in the woods in March 2006, he joined 27M Technologies in 2006 of the same month as a Senior Software Engineer. Kivling was responsible for all aspects of the development of a broadband satellite modem, including environment and the firmware, for Linux, which provided him experience with the Linux kernel and programming Linux device drivers.[1]

From November 2007 to December 2012, Kivling spent five years working with the company Starbreeze Studios. Again, he worked on creating in-house tools system for the company, which ranged from repairing the in-house engine, developing UI's and script for making tasks easier. In September 2010 he was promoted to Technical Director, working primarily on the 2012-released video game Syndicate for seventh generation video game consoles. In January 2012, he promoted Chief Technical Officer of Starbreeze Studios.[1] During his time with Starbreeze, in 2009, he worked as a engine and tools programmer for The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, and the 2013 video game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons as a additional programmer.

January 2013, he was hired by Guerrilla Games as Principal Tools Programmer and maintained the position until March 2014. Currently, Otto Kivling is the lead programmer for Remedy Entertainment.[2]