Early character model for Jack Joyce in Quantum Break, rendered by the Northlight Engine.

The Northlight Engine[1][2] is the in-house game engine created by Remedy Entertainment. The first game produced with the Northlight Engine was Quantum Break, an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title.


Remedy Entertainment's previous endeavors, Max Payne and Alan Wake were both designed with in-house engines created by Remedy. The engine used in Alan Wake, dubbed "The Alan Wake Engine", was created using the Havok physics component.[3]

For Quantum Break, Remedy created a completely new engine, dubbed the "Northlight engine". According to creative director Sam Lake, the Northlight Engine was an evolution of their storytelling process. The Northlight Engine can purportedly capture facial motion capture using surface capture and 4D scanning better than previous engines developed.[1] Remedy’s Graphics Programmer, Ville Timonen, states that Quantum Break is the second game to utilize DirectX 12, which was implemented in the Northlight Engine.[4]

Early in the process of the Engine's use, the development team encountered problems with refining A.I. and fidelity issues[5], but argued early demo footage used to demonstrated was not fully implemented at the time.