Monarch PR Protocol
Os a6p1 020
SubjectPR Protocol
AuthorMonarch Solutions
DateOctober 10th, 2016
ActAct 5: I'll Come Back For You
PartAct 5, Part 1: Monarch HQ
LocationMonarch HQ
PreviousTheresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show 7 (PR)

Monarch PR Protocol is a Document Narrative Object found in Act 5, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The document is a brief overview of the PR Protocol. This document is determinant and only appears if the "PR" option was chosen in the first junction.



  • “Monarch Solutions responds to tragedy”
  • NO PUBLIC AGGRESSION -> coercion/manipulation over violence
  • Contain/bury/spin everything -> friendly safe authority
  • Control mayor/Riverport PD -> “Monarch assisting the authorities”
  • Deploy Sedmak for media control (remove Radford)
  • Manufacture “terrorist” threat (Jack Joyce) (NOTE: “Jack Joyce” should be a clear later addition on the board)[note 1]


  • See Charlie Wincott for details
  • Flood social networks/media sites with new narrative
  • Drown out legitimate reports with flood of conflicting accounts
  • Paint troublemakers as bleeding heart extremists (attain critical mass -> useful idiots will take over trolling)


  1. The part of the transcript that reads "(NOTE: “Jack Joyce” should be a clear later addition on the board)" is a developer's note left in the transcript and not a canonical note written by a character.

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