Meyer Physics Research Center
Meyer Physics Research Center-22
Prime LocationRiverport University campus
FounderMonarch Solutions[1]
Sub-locationProject Promenade Lab,
University Maintenance Tunnels

Jack: "Hey, do you know where the physics building is?"
College Boyfriend: "You mean the big ass metallic turtle behind me? Hard to miss, man."
—Jack asking for directions[2]

The Meyer Physics Research Center[2][3] is a research facility located on the Riverport University campus.


The Meyer Physics Research Center, named after former Riverport University student, Elton Meyer, co-discoverer of the Chronon field, is research facility for the Riverport University campus. The establishment of the research center occurred some time in 2000[1], three years after discovery of the Chronon field in 1997.[4]

Some time during 2010, the research facility became the center of the development of "Project Promenade"[5], a secret physics project funded by Monarch Solutions[6] that focused on the development of a time machine.

Events of Quantum Break

October 9th, 2016 (Present)

When Jack Joyce arrived on the University campus, he was directed to the physics building after speaking with his friend, Paul Serene and one of the students participating in Amy Ferrero's Anti-Monarch protests.[2] The center's Project Promenade Lab was the epicenter of the Fracture when the a miscalculation in the design University time machine caused the machine to malfunction and destabilize the Meyer-Joyce field.

When Monarch Security attacked the lab, Jack and his brother, William Joyce, were forced to escape into the University maintenance tunnels and through the labs. When a stutter occurred, they were able to escape the physics building without being stopped by Monarch Security guards.[7]

October 9th, 2016 (Past)

Because the core of the University time machine was taken from the physics building and relocated to Monarch's central headquarters[8], when he used the machine to travel back to the past of October 9th, 2016, Jack was able to leave Monarch HQ and arrive back in the Project Promenade Lab moments after the fracture occurred.[7]



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