Enemy information
Affiliation Monarch Solutions
Type(s) Elite Heavy Infantry
Strengths Move within Zero state
Interact with objects frozen in time
Neigh-Impervrious to Gunfire
Knock Large Objects
Weakness Exposed Chronon Harness
Weapons Used Rocket Launcher
Equipment Chronon Harness
Game information
First Appearance Act 3, Part 1: Research Facility
Last Appearance Act 5, Part 1: Monarch HQ

The Juggernaut is an uncommon enemy type encountered in Quantum Break.


Main article: Monarch Security

The Juggernaut was a Monarch Security prototype still early in its development process when the fracture in time began October 2016. The Juggernaut uses a combat harness developed by Monarch Solutions that allows the user to move freely within Zero state[1] and to interact with the objects frozen in time. Juggernauts use heavy artillery against their enemies and were primarily designed to fight Shifters.


Like most heavy enemy types, Juggernauts appear to be nigh-impervious to standard gunfire on account of their armor, which protects the upper body of the wearer. Their Chronon equipment gives them the ability to operate within frozen time and manipulate objects within it.[2][3] Their only weak point is the exposed Chronon equipment on their back.

Juggernauts can strike and fling heavy objects such as cars, unfreezing them from stutters if necessary. If the Juggernaut loses track of a target, they can use a scattered scanning beam to detect it.[3]


  • Juggernauts bear the logo "Monarch Solutions" on the top right of their armor.