Gull Island
Gull Island-18
Prime LocationOutside of Riverport
GovernmentMonarch Solutions (owner)
EstablishmentMarch 2006 (Monarch Solutions facilities)[1][2]
Sub-locationMonarch Mansion,
Monarch Research Facility,
Henry Kim's Lab

Gull Island[3][4] is a Island located outside of the Riverport area.


Riverport Coastal Defense

Gull Island was originally a base operations for a coastal defense. The Riverport Coastal Defenses were commissioned on August 2, 1940 and completed in September 1942 during the Second World War.[5] A tunnel system that connected to the mainland was originally built in the event of large-scale attack on the United States and to avoid detection during siege scenarios in combat.

Originally, the intention was to build a Naval base on the island to support the US Navy stationed out on the Atlantic Ocean during Riverport's local ship-building industry. However, following the Attack on Pearl Harbor, resources were reallocated and the plans for the Naval base were scrapped. The Gull Island Coastal Defense saw active use during the World War II. Continued use for Naval base intelligence remained consistent until the installation ceased all operation in 1961.[5]

Purchase by Monarch

In March of 2006, Monarch Solutions purchased Gull Island to build a R&D facility.[1][2] The war monuments that were built in dedication to past conflicts were torn down and the research facility was built in its place.[1] In order to deflect suspicion and avoid questions about their activities on the island, Monarch built a extravagant mansion.[3] The research facility officially completed construction in 2008.[2]

Events of Quantum Break

February 12, 2016

During his research on the Countermeasure, Dr. Henry Kim (a professor at Riverport University and Head of Chronon Research and Development at Monarch Solutions), suffered an accident in his lab that was publicly reported as an "untimely death".[6] In reality, he had been exposed a high concentration of Chronon energy that resulted in his transformation into a Shifter, a Chronon active individual who lives in a state of quantum superposition.[7]

While no one could explain how the accident occurred, Sofia Amaral, Kim's replacement as Head of the Chronon Division, suspected Kim's friend, Martin Hatch was responsible for his present state.[8][9] Shifter-Kim was later used to perfect Monarch's Chronon technology to use against Shifters who would appear come the End of Time.[10]

October 9th, 2016

Following the creation of the Fracture, Paul Serene and Martin Hatch chose to go head and hold the Monarch gala that had planned in advance prior to the incident at the Meyer Physics Research Center.[11][12]

Intent on using Sofia Amaral to fix William's time machine, Jack Joyce willingly surrendered himself to Monarch Security on Gull Island.[13] Depending on the scenario, Paul decides to attend the gala to reassure Monarch personnel that Jack Joyce's presence has not de-railed their plans for the Lifeboat Protocol[10], or Martin Hatch takes Paul's place the presenter and carries out a plan to kill Sofia Amaral while making himself look the victim of an assassination attempt.[14] In either case, Jack is able to kidnap Amaral with the help of Beth Wilder and escapes the island.[14]

During the time of Jack's arrest, Beth's co-conspirator, Fiona Miller and Liam Burke were able to gain access to Dr. Kim's lab through Charlie Wincott, a technician that worked at Monarch's central headquarters.[7] After ascertaining information regarding the fate of Kim and the escalation of the Fracture, they were able to escape detection from Monarch Security the island by using the mainland tunnels.[7]