Ground Zero Map
Ground Zero Map
SubjectGround Zero
AuthorMonarch Solutions
ActAct 2: Perfect Place to Hide Something
PartAct 2, Part 1: Industrial Area
LocationIndustrial Area Security Station
PreviousJack Joyce Dossier
NextRE: Ground Zero Operation

Ground Zero Map is a Document Narrative Object found in Act 2, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The document details the dangers of the Ground Zero area.


Ground Zero Map

Zone Protocol

Green Zone
You might experience minor or none
Chronon Radiation Exposure (CRE)
symptoms. Continuous visit should not
exceed 480 minutes or 8 hours. This is
an operational area zone clearance
Level 4 required

Yellow Zone
Increased density of residual Chronon
Particles present. Company approved
PPE must be worn beyond this point.
Report to the supervisor and leave
the area immediately if you experience
any Type II CRE symptoms.

Red Zone
Potentially unreverseable damage from
CRE unless Chronon environment suit
is worn. This is an operational area,
zone clearance Level 6 required. Personnel
need to complete Extraction Protocol
training sequence before entering this
area. If you experience any Type III CRE
symptoms, contact Dr. Sofia Amaral immediately.

Operational PMRS: 55.74200/BM
Mon3 6-meter primary FM simplex

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