Ground Zero
Ground Zero Map
Prime LocationRiverport Shipyard
FounderMonarch Solutions
EstablishmentJuly 4th, 2010
Will's Workshop

"Ground Zero" is the given name of the location in Riverport where a massive expenditure of Chronon energy was released.[1] Ground Zero was also the location of William Joyce's old workshop.



During the events of July 4, 2010, Beth Wilder and Jack Joyce from 2016 attempted to steal William Joyce's Countermeasure in an effort to prevent Monarch Solutions from using it for their own agendas. However, their attempts were thwarted by Paul Serene. When Beth was shot in the shoulder, she dropped the countermeasure and released a burst of Chronon Radiation that permeated the area.[1]

Following the death of Beth Wilder at the hands of Paul, Monarch Solutions capitalized on the event and bought the surrounding land. The area where the Countermeasure was set off was renamed "Ground Zero" and Monarch began harvesting Chronon from the area for the Lifeboat Protocol.[2]

The area was sectioned off using Threat Level methods, the areas affected the most by Chronon Radiation Exposure marked from red (for high concentrations of CRE), yellow (middling concentration of CRE) and green (low to mild CRE concentration).[3] Using the Countermeasure, Monach saw a significant jump in their technology and research.[4]

Events of Quantum Break

When Monarch took control of Riverport University, Jack Joyce and several witnesses to Monarch's siege on the university were taken near the Ground Zero area. When he was separated from either Nick Marsters or Amy Ferrero, Jack traveled through Ground Zero to reach Paul, who he believed killed his brother, William, hours before.[5]

In the epicenter of the Countermeasure's premature activation, Jack witnessed time fluxing through periods of times and hours of the day, including himself doing things before he'd actually done them. Inside the building, he watched moments of time where his brother built the original time machine and the Countermeasure. Before leaving the building, he caught glimpses of Beth's death and the Countermeasure's activation, but had no understanding of what he saw.[5]