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Erotic Thriller
Type Audio
Subject "Adventures in Flesh"
Author L. Hakola
Date October 10th, 2016
Time N/A
Act Act 3: The Wine and Cheese Crowd
Part Act 3, Part 2: Monarch Gala
Location Monarch Research Facility Parking Garage
Previous Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show 7 (PR)

Erotic Thriller is an audio Narrative Object and Quantum Ripple found in Act 3, Part 2 of Quantum Break. Adventures in Flesh is a chapter of a tabletop adventure gaming-themed erotic audiobook.


“Adventures in Flesh,” by L. Hakola, Chapter 11: Submission.

When Archibald finally descended into his basement -- his dungeon -- he looked calm and collected in stark contrast to my distress. He was still dressed in his impeccable suit of softest velvet, wearing the horn-rimmed glasses that gave him an air of indisputable authority. Behind those glasses were his eyes, and those eyes glinted with feverish anticipation. I squirmed in my restraints.

“So,” he said, “here we are. You’re gagged and helpless. And I can’t wait to send my adventurer party into the darkest dungeon, located in the soft, damp underbelly of your citadel.” He paused and licked his thin lips. “And I brought along my ten-foot pole.” I squirmed again. He laughed long and hard. “Oh, yes. I’ll take out the battering ram, my pretty. Whatever it takes to smash my way into your sanctum sanctorum.”

He must have caught something on my face, then. He adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat. “Look, not to break the scene, but please nod if you’re still into this. I mean, er, just to be sure, I don’t want there to be any... I mean, we’re not idiots here, right? Fantasy’s great, but, you know. Explicit consent’s the secret sauce, right?” He giggled sensually.

I stayed very, very still. Then I nodded. His face broke into a devilish grin. “Well,” he said, as he pulled on the leather gloves and picked up the oversized d20. “Let’s play.”

Related Dialog

Monarch Guard: "(radio) The hell? Is somebody playing... an audio book over the radio?"
Commander Ogawa: "(radio) Whoever that is, shut it off. Now."
Jack: "I think I'll just leave that right there."
Commander Ogawa: "(radio) Somebody find out where that's coming from. This is supposed to be a secure channel"
—Monarch Guard, Commander Ogawa and Jack[1]