A Fracture in Time

Concept of Chronon energy destabilized within core moments before its release in the environment of the Promenade lab.

Chronon energy[1] (also known as Chronon particles[2], Meyer-Joyce particles[3] and Chronon radiation) is type of radiation that supports the Meyer-Joyce Field.



Chronon energy is a form of radiation connected to temporal anomalies. It sustains the natural flow of time and allows objects to function within a single continuity. Chronon energy stored within the core of a time machine can create a micro black hole that creates a deformation in spacetime. Chronon energy is what makes it possible to time travel within closed loops.[1][3]

If the Meyer-Joyce field were fractured, the Chronon energy stabilizing the field would be begin to deplete and time itself would begin to operate out of sync, and out of order. The depletion of Chronon from the Joyce-Meyer field will result in a permanent Zero State, an event in which time ceases to be.[1][3]


Depending on the environment, Chronon can be harvested using specialized machines[4] that extract Chronon radiation and contain it within magnetized bottles and containers. Following the extraction of Chronon energy, it can be applied in various uses with Chronon technology developed by Monarch Solutions, such as stutterproofed rooms[5], and the core of the time machine itself.

In the event of the destabilization of the Meyer-Joyce field, Monarch Solutions' Chronon department created portable devices, called Chronon Harness, that uses Chronon energy that allows non-Chronon active users to function within stutters.[4]


Humans that are exposed Chronon energy gain the ability to manipulate pockets of time on micro scale.[3] Their relation to the Chronon field altered[2], they can manipulate the Chronon energy in the area around them to create shields, offensive projectiles and move at superhuman speeds.[6]

However, repeated exposure to Chronon energy will result in an over saturation of radiation that will cause what is referred to as Chronon Syndrome[7], a disease wherein the human becomes distorted by Chronon energy and lives in a state of superposition.[7]

In order to protect against exposure to Chronon radiation, Monarch Solutions created specialized suits and breathing apparatuses that operate not unlike hazmat suits.[4] Individuals working closely with or within areas with high or moderate levels of Chronon energy are required to wear them, often in conjunction with Chronon harnesses.[5]



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