Chronon active

Fragmentation of time within a focused area is one example of identifying Chronon active individuals.

Chronon active[1][2] (or Chronon enabled) is a terminology used to refer to individuals who've been exposed to Chronon energy and become the living embodiment of Chronon.


Becoming Chronon active requires above-average (and often dangerous) levels of exposure to Chronon energy, a type of radiation that exists within the Meyer-Joyce field. The resulting exposure creates what Monarch Solutions's Chronon department refer to as a "Chronon enabled" or "Chronon active" individual. Chronon active individuals become "living sources of Chronon energy".[2]

Even as Chronon levels decrease during the event of a breakdown in time, they can remain active during stutters, effectively existing outside of the normal flow of time. The Chronon stored within their bodies allows them to manipulate time, but not they cannot physically travel through time without the aid of a Time machine.[2]

As time progresses, chronon active individuals gain control over their powers, increasing the strength of existing abilities or developing new abilities. A Chronon user's adaptation to Chronon energy is suggested to depend on the the stability of the Meyer-Joyce field. Prior to the fracture and the Ground Zero incident, it took Paul Serene years to gain control of his powers[3][4], but Jack Joyce's adaptation to his abilities in a short period of time was perhaps an indication of the fracture's instability.[4]

An overexposure to Chronon energy can result in a stronger sense of Precognition and the ability to choose actions that inform the future; the negative effects to overexposure to Chronon energy is Chronon Syndrome, an affliction resulting in physical pain that leaves the Chronon active individual in a state of superposition.

Known Chronon active Individuals


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