Chronon source

Jack's first Chronon Source, with icon for collecting the upgrade point.

A Chronon Source is a Collectible mass of concentrated Chronon energy used throughout the game as a method for collecting upgrade points for Time Powers. They appear as shining balls of light scattered in various hidden corners of maps, sometimes requiring Jack Joyce to double back on a path to collect. A list of Chronon Sources follows.


Act 1: The Number One Killer Is Time

Part 1: Riverport University Experiment

Part 2: Campus Escape

Part 3: Library Chase

Junction 1: Hardline/PR

Act 2: Perfect Place to Hide Something

Part 1: Industrial Area

Part 2: Ground Zero

Part 3: Bradbury Swimming Pool

Junction 2: Personal/Business

Act 3: The Wine and Cheese Crowd

Part 1: Research Facility

Part 2: Monarch Gala

Junction 3: Amaral/Hatch


Act 4: The Secret History of Time Travel

Part 1: Port Donnelly Bridge

Part 2: Preparing the Time Machine

Part 3: Swimming Pool 2010

Part 4: Will's Workshop 2010

Junction 4: Control/Surrender

Act 5

Part 1: Monarch HQ

Part 2: Return to the University

Part 3: Final Moments