Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show
SubjectMonarch Solutions Censorship
AuthorBobby Radford
DateOctober 9th, 2016
ActAct 2: Perfect Place to Hide Something
PartAct 2, Part 2: Ground Zero
LocationInside Bradbury Swimming Hall on table, nearest to front entrance
PreviousNick Marsters (Hardline)
NextBobby Radford Riverport Radio Show 5 (Hardline)

Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show 4 is a audio Narrative Object found in Act 2, Part 3 of Quantum Break. The audio is the fourth of twelve radio shows hosted by Bobby Radford and only appears if the "Hardline" option is chosen.


BOBBY RADFORD: And we're back! This is Bobby Radford with the latest. We've got an official statement from Monarch Solutions and, heh, it's just what you'd expect really! Y'know your typical slick, mealy-mouthed bullshit. I'll sum it up for ya.

As far as they're concerned, the whole thing was some kind of accident with the pre-mature demolition. Some lives were tragically lost due to that. They're investigating. Essentially they're saying "no comment, don't worry about it".

Nobody has access to the site right now. All we know is what they tell us. Thing is, there were a lot of people there. Some people I know personally. Seems to be a lot of folks ain't answering their phones now. So what's that mean, huh?! I think it means that we [CENSOR].

So what am I saying? Well, they've got lots of lawyers, so I'm not saying anything other than this whole thing stinks to high heaven. I don't understand it, but I can smell a goddamn rat. This shouldn't be happening! This is Riverport U.S.A damnit, not some third world hellhole where nobody gives a crap. Somebody's gonna have to take responsibility here. Who's it gonna be, huh?! Call me up on the phone now. I wanna talk to you.

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