Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show
SubjectAnti-Monarch Protests
AuthorBobby Radford
DateOctober 9th, 2016
ActAct 2: Perfect Place to Hide Something
PartAct 2, Part 2: Ground Zero
LocationOutside Monarch trailer, activates automatically when electric car activates
PreviousUniversity Fallout (Hardline)

Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show 3 is a audio Narrative Object found in Act 2, Part 2 of Quantum Break. The audio is the third of twelve radio shows hosted by Bobby Radford and only appears if the "Hardline" option is chosen.


BOBBY RADFORD: So this thing at the university, you thought it was bad before? It's real bad now! It's bad and Bobby's mad, people.

Okay. So we don't know exactly what went down, but that library came down way ahead of schedule. There's going to be a body count and there's every indication Monarch Sercurity people are putting in some long, hard hours earning their jack-booted thug merit badge, and why? Why is this happening? We dunno! And Monarch ain't saying.

We asked for a statement but they're keeping shtum. We know the demolition charges went off ahead of schedule. We have those reports of brutality. We know there will people popping off shots. We know there are people who will never see their families again for Christ's sakes.

And where are the damn cops on this? We need some goddamn answers!

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