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Alan Wake Return

Alan Wake Return

In Quantum Break, Alan Wake's Return is a Narrative Object, simply titled "RETURN" can be found at the beginning of the first part of Act 1: The Number One Killer is Time.

"All of us have two faces. The one we wear for all to see, and the face that lies beneath in the dark."
—Alan Wake

Alan Wake's Return[1][2] is the name of the live action Alan Wake Easter egg that appears in Act 1, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The Easter egg follows the story of two FBI agents searching for famous author, Alan Wake, who's been missing for five years, and their encounter with Mr. Scratch.


Opening on the sequence of waves in the ocean, Alan Wake repeats the very last words spoken in Alan Wake, "It's not a lake, it's an ocean". The ocean disappears into the darkness and reveals a forest enshrouded in fog and a man lying in the mud of the forest. He regains consciousness and the scene transitions to FBI Agent, Alex Casey and his partner, a woman without a name, looking into the disappearance of Alan Wake. They study information regarding Alan wife, Alice Wake and his friend, Barry Wheeler.

Later, during a search of the forest, they discover a man who appears to be Alan Wake lying on the ground. Casey and his partner continue to investigate Wake's disappearance. Casey is led to a dark location where he encounters, and is later killed by Alan's doppleganger, Mr. Scratch. Casey's body goes missing, his partner places his picture on the board and departs from their office.

Alan appears in room and reads manuscript pages written by him, detailing the death of Alex Casey at his hands and not Mr. Scratch's. The search for Casey's body leads his partner through the forest and eventually the same location where Casey was killed. There she finds Casey's body and Mr. Scratch wielding the knife that killed him. Fearful of Mr. Scratch, she steps away from the scene and back into the darkness.


Alan Wake's Return (Tweet)

Teaser image for Alan Wake's Return posted by Sam Lake on Twitter, December 3, 2015.[3]

Alan Wake's Return is a live action Easter egg filmed exclusively for Remedy Entertainment's science fiction third person shooter, Quantum Break. The project was teased December 3, 2015, by Sam Lake, on his official twitter account as content for their then upcoming game.[3] Two domain names, "" and "", were also registered in 2015.[4]

The Easter egg features Sam Lake as a FBI agent named Alex Casey (the character from Alan Wake's Alex Casey novel series), and an uncredited actress as a FBI agent working with Alex Casey. The Easter egg also stars Ilkka Villi as Alan Wake and Mr. Scratch and Matthew Porretta, who provides the voice of Alan Wake.

February of 2016, a user on NeoGaf reported that the title "Alan Wake's Return" was registered on a European trademarking website.[5] Immediately afterward, major gaming websites reported the news regarding the trademark database listing.[6][7][8] Rumors and speculation began to circulate that the domain registration and the trademark meant that the sequel to Alan Wake, was on the horizon.[7][8]

In an interview with Kotaku UK, Sam Lake clarified that the trademarking was the only thing Alan Wake's Return covered. "A big part of the trademarking process all in all is the legalities of it," Lake explained. "Just making sure everything is covered." When it comes to starting development on a game, "it's a different process of making sure everything is locked down". Prior, Remedy Entertainment trademarked other Alan Wake tie-ins, like the Bright Falls web series. He reiterated that no Alan Wake game was in development, but that the development team was still working on concepts.[1][2]




  • In the Alex Casey series written by Alan Wake, the character Alex Casey is a New York City detective.
  • The scenario presented in the Easter Egg is reminiscent of description of a memory of Alan's photo op and Alex Casey's death as it was described in the special Alan Wake episode, "The Signal".[9]


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