Aidan Gillen
Aidan Gillen
Biographical information
Name Aidan Murphy[1]
Born April 24, 1968[1]
Occupation(s) Actor
Quantum Break
Character Paul Serene[2]
Appears In Quantum Break,
Quantum Break (TV series)

Aidan Gillen is an Irish television and film actor. He provides the motion capture and voice performance of Paul Serene in Quantum Break and is a central character in the television series.[2][3]


Aidan Gillen was born on April 24, 1968 in Dublin, Ireland as Aidan Murphy. His mother works as a nurse and his late father was an architect. The brother of a playwright (John Paul Murphy) and fellow actor (Fionnuala Murphy), Gillen's notable career began with the UK series Queer as Folk in 1999 as Stewart Alan Jones. [1]

Since then, Gillen has gone to star in two other successful television series, The Wire (as Tommy Carcetti) and Game of Thrones (TV series) (as Petyr Baelish), both produced by HBO. Gillen had a brief appearance at the beginning of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises as a CIA operative killed by Bane.[1]