The title card for the third Act of Quantum Break.

"The Wine and Cheese Crowd" is the third of five acts in Quantum Break. Act 3 contains two parts, one junction and the third episode of the television series.


Image Title Description Parts
Research "Research Facility" After faking his surrender, Jack makes his way across Gull Island to kidnap Dr. Sofia Amaral, the scientist who can make the time machine work. 01
Monarch gala "Monarch Gala" Jack makes his way into the Monarch mansion in order to locate Dr. Amaral. 02
The Doctor "Amaral/Hatch" With his authority challenged, Dr. Amaral gone, and the Fracture getting worse, Serene has to decide who to trust. 03
Deception "Deception" While Liam, Charlie and Fiona pursue the Lifeboat Protocol, Hatch makes moves of his own. 04


Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Monarch Research Facility" Not Determined
2 2 "Monarch Gala" Not Determined
3 3 "Junction 3: Amaral/Hatch" Not Determined
4 4 "Episode 3: Deception" Not Determined
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