The title card for the second Act of Quantum Break.

"Perfect Place to Hide Something" is the second of five acts in Quantum Break. Act 4 contains three parts, one junction and the second episode of the television series.


Image Title Description Parts
Industrial2 "Industrial Area" After his capture, Jack regains consciousness at the old Riverport industrial area, which is now run by Monarch Solutions. 01
Ground zero "Ground Zero" Jack is making his way towards the drydocks, where he plans to confront Paul Serene - his former best friend, now his worst enemy. 02
Bradbury "Bradbury Swimming Pool" Jack and Beth Wilder arrive at the Bradbury Swimming Hall, where William has hidden something important. 03
Bigger Fish to Fry "Personal/Business" "Faced with Jack's surrender, Serene has to choose whether to focus on his friendship with Jack, or his plans for Monarch. 04
Prisoner "Prisoner" As Liam laments his capture, Fiona gets Charlie involved in something way beyond his pay grade during the Monarch gala. 05


Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Industrial Area" Not Determined
2 2 "Ground Zero" Not Determined
3 3 "Bradbury Swimming Pool" Not Determined
4 4 "Junction 2: Business/Personal" Not Determined
5 5 "Episode 2: Prisoner" Not Determined
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