Title card for the fist Act of Quantum Break.

"The Number One Killer Is Time" is the first of five acts in Quantum Break. Act 1 contains three parts, one junction and the first episode of the television series.


Image Title Description Parts
Act 1 Part 1 "Riverport University Experiment" Jack Joyce arrives at Riverport University to meet his best friend, Paul Serene, who needs help from someone he can trust. 01
Act 1 part 2 "Campus Escape" Separated from his brother, Jack fights his way through the campus to find him and rescue him from Monarch goons. 02
Act 1 part 3 "Library Chase" While Liam, Charlie and Fiona pursue the Lifeboat Protocol, Hatch makes moves of his own. 03
Iron fist "Hardline/PR" Paul Serene has to choose whether Monarch adopts the brutal hardline tactics or the insidious PR approach 04
Monarch Solutions TV "Monarch Solutions" When tasked with finding Jack's missing transport, Liam Burke starts to discover the truth behind Monarch's long-term plans. 05


Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Riverport University Experiment" Not Determined
2 2 "Camus Escape" Not Determined
3 3 "Library Chase" Not Determined
4 4 "Juncton 1:Hardline/PR" Not Determined
5 5 "Episode 1: Monarch Solutions"

Trent Knight
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